Baby on board!

Tips and Tricks for happy journeys


Travel experience can be precious for children and parents:

children can observe, explore, enjoy the discovery of places and people, while mom and dad can benefit from this opportunity to talk to their child, listen to them, being together. However car trips, especially if long, might become boring for the child who could show discomfort or impatience, raising concerns in the parents. Here are a few advices to live this moment peacefully. With a few little ways and simple measures, discovering the world together will be even more amazing.

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Travel with ISOFIX

It might seem a complicated task to install the car seat in your car. Through the Isofix system, you can firmly install the car seat also without using the vehicle’s seat belts, with a safer, simpler and quicker mode. For a totally safe trip.

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Travel Safe

During the trip, your child might show discomfort or impatience. Tantrums are often signs of a need; in these cases, it is important to adopt a few little precautions and be organized : like take a little break, and remember not to unfasten the seat belts when the car is moving.

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Travel with a smile

Travelling with your child is a great opportunity to enjoy the discovery of places and people.

But car trips might become boring for the little one, especially if long: discover how to entertain your child in order to turn the trip into a happy moment for the entire family.

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Car sickness: advices to prevent it

Car sickness is frequent in children,and this condition could be manifested in situations connected with movement; car trips are one of these situations.

To prevent this discomfort condition, it is important to follow few simple precautions before getting in the car and during the trip.


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Using seat belts, all embracing safety

It is very important to feel safe, and protect who we love the most at any moment of life; starting from pregnancy, when you must protect yourself and your babies even before their birth. Then, it is essential to choose the most suitable car seat since the very first trip from the hospital, because protecting yourself and your baby is the best way to tell ‘’I love you’’

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Discover the guide created in collaboration with Osservatorio Chicco. You will find into it precious advices for car trips with your child, as well as simple entertaining approaches .

You will discover how travelling by car can become a pleasant and happy moment for the entire family.

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